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Welcome to EFryNB

Women and gender-diverse individuals impacted by criminalization thrive in a socially just society.

EFryNB is a dynamic non-profit organization dedicated to working with women and gender-diverse individuals impacted by criminalization. Our comprehensive web of support programs spans Connection, Growth, Justice, and Opportunity, encapsulating a commitment to fostering safe and inclusive spaces, providing trauma-informed learning experiences, advocating for systemic change, and creating opportunities for economic independence. Programs like Anchored Mouse, our social enterprise addressing anxiety and stress, contribute to the overall well-being of individuals in our community. Anchored in collaboration, compassion, and a deep commitment to social justice, EFryNB strives for a future where everyone, regardless of their past, thrives in a socially just society with the expansive integrated web of support programs weaving together a foundation for lasting change.

Transformative programs

At EFryNB, we engage in a transformative journey alongside women and gender-diverse individuals impacted by criminalization. We open to possibilities through our integrated supportive programs. Our commitment to personal choice is exemplified through a therapeutic housing program, transformative recovery initiatives, expressive art therapy sessions, and a collaborative urban healing garden. Guided by the principles of collaboration, compassion, dignity, trust, and social justice, we create opportunities for holistic growth, meaningful connections, and well-being for all. Our approach is grounded in the belief that everyone deserves to be seen, heard, and valued exactly as they are. Our inclusive and caring approach provides a safe space for women and gender-diverse individuals to rediscover their identity while fostering a sense of belonging and community.

My Place Apartments: Offering a community-based, therapeutic housing program, including trauma-informed and person-centred integrated supports for women and gender-diverse individuals – join us in fostering stability and resilience.
Open Hours: Providing one-to-one confidential 10-minute virtual sessions with an EFryNB staff person, offering emotional support, collaborating on release planning, preparing for court appearances, or requesting pen boxes.
WATR: Using a holistic, trauma-informed approach, fosters action-oriented coping skills while exploring the interrelationship of substance use, gender-based violence and trauma for women and gender-diverse individuals.
Urban Healing Garden: Blending daily joy and colour with our community garden, collaboratively designed and nurtured by residents and friends. Nurturing the soul and enhancing mental well-being, this project offers opportunity to learn carpentry, design principles, land-use skills, while creating a vibrant space for everyone.
Community: Inviting our most vulnerable individuals the chance to connect and engage through outdoor activities, art, and more in our Gathering Space. Support and assistance for living tasks and life goals included!
Connecting for personal growth! Let’s discover our individual strengths. Join us for one-on-ne support, small group session. We also reach out to our community partners to offer a diversity of indoor and outdoor activities with a focus on wellness.
Wednesday mornings with Kim at My Place—we connect, laugh, and unleash your creativity in a safe space for women and gender-diverse individual through spontaneous, colourful art expressions.

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Empowering initiatives

EFryNB champions empowerment at the core of all our initiatives. We create a safe and secure environment for transformative change for women and gender-diverse individuals impacted by criminalization. With a steadfast commitment to social justice, we cultivate a culture of learning and shape together a world where every individual is heard, valued, and accepted for who they are. We provide support, information and affect change for those facing our criminal and family court systems, being impacted by human trafficking, wishing to be free of the barriers of a criminal record, and striving for economic sustainability and gender equity. Our integrated, trauma-informed, person-centred, strength-based programming engages women and gender-diverse individuals to rise above adversity to become advocates for personal, community, and social change. At EFryNB, we are not just breaking down barriers; we are building bridges to a future where empowerment is a universal right. Together, we stand as champions of awareness, addressing issues that matter most to us. Join us in building a future where everyone can experience the transformative power of choice, connection, and growth. At EFryNB, we are not just a non-profit; we are a force for positive change, guided by the principles of compassion and social responsibility.

Addressing the vulnerability of marginalized individuals, particularly within the immigrant community, our Volunteer Court Liaison Project focuses on cultural competency and awareness in navigation diverse legal systems, breaking language barriers by translating training modules into languages such as Ukrainian and Spanish, ensuring accessible and comprehensive court support.
Our expanded presence in Moncton empowers women, gender-diverse individuals, and their families to navigate the court system with dignity. Recognizing historical discrimination and unequal treatment, we collaborate with community partners to offer support, resources, and services, ensuring fair treatment during legal proceedings, incarceration, and rehabilitation.
EFryNB organizations in Atlantic Canada—New Brunswick, Cape Breton, and Mainland NS—unite in combating human trafficking. “It’s My Life,” led by EFryNB CB, focuses on survivor-centered prevention, transition, and reintegration, providing trauma-informed services and safe strategies. Meanwhile, EFryNB Mainland NS spearheads “On Our Terms,” advocating systemic change in the legal system, prioritizing the perspective of victim/survivors of Gender-Based Violence, and supporting survivors through the legal process, emphasizing awareness of potential re-traumatization.
Getting a record suspension on your own can be tough due to various issues like complexity, expenses, and specific requirements. We’re dedicated to helping people overcome these challenges. We offer emotional support, help with paperwork, guide individuals through the process, and make sure everything is legally compliant. With our assistance, people we support feel empowered to speak up for themselves, make a fresh start, and move beyond the limitations of their past criminal records. Our goal is to have a positive impact on their lives and promote inclusivity in the New Brunswick community.
EFryNB’s dynamic speaking series addresses pressing social issues, fosters meaningful dialogue and inspires action for a more equitable world. Engaging talks cover topics from human rights to systemic issues, highlighting EFryNB’s role in interrupting cyclical patterns leading to criminalization and providing insights into various aspects of the criminal justice system.
EFryNB facilitates seamless reintegration to community through release planning, providing NBWCC and probation offices with comprehensive listings of resources for each municipality in the province. These resources are employed during the release planning process, with staff providing crucial assistance and support. Correctional case managers collaborate with EFryNB to plan for individuals’ release, ensuring access to programs, housing, resources, and support services through community connections.
EFryNB is an active participant in the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies’ (CAEFS) advocacy work in prisons designated for women. As part of the Atlantic advocacy team, we speak with incarcerated people at the federal Nova Institution for Women in Truro, NS. We monitor the conditions of confinement through in-person advocacy visits and toll-free advocacy lines.
“Unwind with Weighted Stuffed Animals and Lap Blankets”: Anchored Mouse – Lovelingly crafting calm!! Our stress-relief stuffed animals and lap blankets aren’t just cozy; they’re created by skilled women and gender-diverse individuals, providing a path to economic independence. Join us in releasing stress with purpose!”
Supporting women, Two-Spirit, and gender-diverse individuals affected by criminalization, EFryNB’s annual bursary contributes to supporting education or employment goals. Established with the Saint John Community Foundation, applications are open until May 31 each year, providing financial assistance for tuition, books, technology, and employment or education related expenses.

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Forge meaningful connections—providing trauma-informed housing, offering weekly open hours with the New Brunswick Women’s Correctional Centre, being available for one to one and small group personal counselling, reaching out to community fostering and deepening relationships—where individuals find support, empowerment, and a sense of belonging.



Unlock personal growth!—WATR's transformative approach to trauma, gender-based violence and substance use, the expressive joy of Art Therapy, and the collaborative healing in our Urban Garden—cultivating a community where individuals flourish mentally, emotionally, socially, and creatively.



Advocating for gender equality, social justice, and the empowerment of marginalized populations, providing crucial emotional support, information, and access to legal resources during court processes.



In the pursuit of economic independence and sustained well-being, EFryNB focuses on dismantling systemic barriers for marginalized women and gender-diverse individuals, fostering public awareness, and creating lasting change for gender equality.

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At EFryNB, our exceptional team is the cornerstone of transformation. Providing unwavering support and expertise to guide individuals on their journey to positive change. Committed, compassionate, and collaborative, our team empowers each person, ensuring they embark on a transformative path toward a brighter, more resilient future.

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