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Join the movement! Your donation fuels EFryNB's 36-year legacy of creating safe spaces, fostering social inclusion, and empowering women and gender-diverse individuals. Be a catalyst for change – contribute now to build a community of strength and belonging.

Volunteer Opportunities

Unleash your passion! EFryNB invites you to be a vital part of our transformative journey. Explore diverse volunteer opportunities, from supporting women and gender-diverse individuals to contributing your unique skills. Join us today in creating spaces of strength, inclusivity, and change.


As a registered charity, your donation to us not only makes a difference but also comes with a charitable tax receipt.


We are proud to be sustained by government and charity foundation grants, as well as private sector donations and sponsorship. Your contributions play a vital role in helping individuals and their families overcome the challenges of poverty, homelessness, gender-based violence, mental health issues, substance use concerns, and criminalization.


These are some of the impactful ways your donations bring relief but also change:

General supports

  • Contributing to individual and community advocacy and education initiatives.
  • Maintaining toll-free lines to provincial and federal prisons for women.
  • Providing timely responses to emergency situations.
  • Updating and maintaining our website for informative outreach.

EFryNB Bursary, managed by the Saint John Community Foundation, empowers criminalized women and gender-diverse individuals in reaching their educational and employment goals.

Record Suspension Application costs of fingerprinting, acquiring court records, application fees, and postage frees individuals of barriers to employment, education, housing, and volunteer work.

My Place Therapeutic Housing contributions prepare apartments for new tenants, including stocking pantries and refrigerators and covers replenishment costs for a smooth turnover.

Our Urban Healing Garden invites community involvement while contributing to healthy environments for local wildlife.

Your generosity creates tangible impacts in the lives of those we serve. Join us in making a positive difference in New Brunswick. Every donation brings us closer to a community where everyone has the support they need to thrive. Thank you for being a vital part of our work.



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