On our way to creating gender equality, we believe that offering a source of human connection and support for those in difficult situations reflects our commitment for change. EFryNB advocates for ways in which our legal system can be transformed to promote gender equality, social justice, and increase the capacity of marginalized populations. We provide emotional support, information, access to legal and community help during court processes We advocate to alleviate impacts of conditions of confinement while creating conditions for the greatest sense of individual empowerment possible.


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Volunteer Court Liaison Project

We found the higher the level of marginalization of those we support, the more vulnerable they are to becoming lost and unsupported in their navigation of court systems—criminal, family, civil. One exceptionally vulnerable population we are reaching is our immigrant community. We are learning about cultural differences, legal systems variances throughout the world, individual expectations or assumptions about what our court system can do, language barriers, and lack of accessibility to other complementary services. Working with our community partners to enhance our volunteer court support program, we are integrating cultural awareness and competency into our expanded volunteer court training. We are translating our court training modules into other languages, including Ukrainian and Spanish so more can access and deepen understanding of our court information and legal systems.

It’s My Life and On Our Terms Addressing Human Trafficking

Atlantic EFry organizations: EFryNB; Elizabeth Fry Society of Cape Breton; and Elizabeth Fry Society of Mainland NS are working closely with expert survivors to address the challenges of human trafficking that may involve women and gender-diverse people.
It’s My Life: A survivor centered approach to end human trafficking, with EFry CB as project lead, strives to address the prevention of trafficking, the transition out of trafficking, and support for healthy reintegration for those who have survived the experience of trafficking. Atlantic EFrys offer services and supports to people who may have complex trauma from the experiences of trafficking. Creating safe interruption strategies and bridging with community partners for shelter and housing, health services, counselling, and employment support, EFry hopes to provide culturally relevant trauma-informed services for women and gender-diverse people who identify as having experienced human trafficking.
On Our Terms: Advancing feminist systemic efforts for women experiencing gender-based violence and human trafficking, an EFry Mainland NS led project, seeks to create systemic change within the legal system in Atlantic Canada to highlight the perspective of the victim/survivor of Gender-Based Violence (“GBV”) at each stage of the process, provides support with navigation for survivors/victims of GBV to access information about the legal process and the resources and services available to them; and promote awareness of the lengthy and potentially re-traumatizing nature of the system to both stakeholders and the public.

Release Planning

We are committed to working with women and gender-diverse individuals at the New Brunswick Women’s Correctional Centre and the federal Nova Institution for Women make their paths to community as stress-free and successful as possible through a person-centered and trauma-informed approach. Individuals can reach us through our toll-free phone numbers as well as our Open Hours sessions at NBWC. Imagine that each person who reaches out to us has help with their personal story to create the journey forward beyond the confines of NBWCC and Nova. Our integrated support system is not just a checklist; it’s a personalized plan for the next chapter by ensuring you have the information resources and supports to ensure your success. Social services, health initiatives, housing information, and community programs are some of the resources that can help with steps forward.


As a participant in the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies’ prison advocacy program, Atlantic EFry advocates engage through personal visits and a toll-free advocacy line with incarcerated people at the Nova Institution of Women, a federal correctional facility in Truro, Nova Scotia. In discussions with federally incarcerated women and gender-diverse people at Nova, advocates monitor conditions of confinement and identify and address human rights issues that they experience. We work closely with our community partners to provide individuals and their families with support, resources and services that will help ensure they receive fair treatment during the legal process, incarceration, and rehabilitation.

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