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EFryNB provides trauma-informed, person-centred opportunities for individuals to learn, share and teach one another. Expanding our horizons, imagining new ways of being, and fully embracing our whole selves—mentally, physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and creatively.

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Art Therapy


Urban Healing Garden Project

We believe in bringing joy and colour into the everyday, which we have embodied through our garden project. My Place residents and our friends in the community designed and created our garden space as a healing place, one that nurtures the soul while attracting our urban wildlife of birds and butterflies. The garden offers opportunities to enhance our mental health and sense of wellbeing while learning and practicing skills including carpentry, seasonal and companion planting, enhancing conditions for wildlife species, and designing and improving land use. This project was put into motion with collaboration from our residents and several community businesses including generous contributions from Dykeman’s Hardware, Hammond River Angling Association, Ernie’s Landscaping, At Your Convenience Store (North), ONE Change and Barry Ogden, city counsellor.

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